Snehaarchana Christian Devotional Album

Snehaarchana Christian Devotional AlbumSnehaarchana Christian Devotional album by Tharangini is yet another album in the “Senha*****” series. The album was not very popular unlike its predecessor albums, yet the album remains as golden memories among the devotes and music lovers. Download the songs and share the joy.


Vallarpadathamma Songs, Hymns & Novena

Vallarpadathamma Songs
Here is the collection of most popular songs of Our lady of Ransom Vallarpadam , Also included is the Malayalam Novena. Enjoy the songs, share the joy and pray to Vallarpadthamma for her blessings.

Prapancham Christian Devotional Album

One of the greatest hits of Peter Cheranallor, All of the songs in this Christian devotional album are great and touches our soul. Ephrayim, Golgothayile..etc where greatest hist of the time, Enjoy the songs and share the joy.

Divyanakshathram Christmas Album

divyanaksharam Malayalam christmas album Yet another Malayalam Christmas Album to spice up this Christmas, all the songs are merry to your ears adnd bring joy to your heart, Download songs, enjoy and share the Joy

Gregorian Chants – Latin Hymns

grerorian chantsI am adding the traditional list of popular Latin Hymns on continuous request from many especially K T Baiju. These songs where used regularly in old mass, Now their use has been minimised within the walls of monastery and the churches run by monasteries. Many of you will find it nostalgic, for others its a revival of our tradition. Download enjoy and share the joy.

Gloria – Malayalam Christmas Carol Album

gloria-malayalam christamas cariol albumGloria Malayalam Christmas Carol album  is a good attempt to recreate the traditional English and European carol songs in Malayalam maintaining the tune as such, we can say that they succeed in that. The album also contain 3 home tuned songs among which “Thaaram Neela Vaanil udichuyarnu vaa” was a super hit. Download, enjoy the songs and share the joy Merry Christmas.

Sangeetha Japamala – Kontha by CAC

cac malayalam japamala kontha Here is Yet another beautiful rosary [kontha] album dedicated to Mother Mary created by CAC. All the mysteries [rahasayangal] have been converted to beautiful melody, The into song “Alavatta Nanma” and the last songs “Japamala Ragni” are really wonderful, Enjoy the song and share the Joy.