Easter Songs , Uyarpu Njayar Songs

easter songs Easter is the special occasion where we praise the glory of risen Christ. Below are the list of Easter songs sung during the Easter Mass. Download Malayalam Easter songs, Enjoy, Share.. Wish you all a Happy Easter.


11 thoughts on “Easter Songs , Uyarpu Njayar Songs

  1. OMG…… I can’t contain my happiness. After a long search I found the way to listen to the traditional Latin Catholic liturgical songs. I am very much impressed. I don’t know how to thank the makers of this site. Thank you so so much. I really mean it. Thanks a lot. Actually the Latin church is a treasure of heart moving liturgical songs which many people of the other rites are not aware of. At last I have this rich collection in my mobile. THANK U


  2. amazing site for gospel songs.
    just wanted to know if you have these songs ‘jeevitham tripathathil karzcha aayi vachidam’ and ‘kalapravahathin munpe thanne ninne ariyunnu njan ennum’ they are old ones though.


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