kurishinte vazhi – Kurishil Marichavane

kurishinte vazhikurishinte vazhi in the basic style “Kurishil marichavane kurishale vijayam varichavane.” Download, listen and make this lent season more meaningful with kurishinte vazhi.


55 thoughts on “kurishinte vazhi – Kurishil Marichavane

  1. Please sent the syro Malabar Kurishinte Vazhi
    Kurishin Marichavane with songs including ‘manasthapaprakaranam’ in Manglish – Lyrics to be printed and given to our children in Baroda

  2. JESUS shed blood for me
    JESUS crucified for me
    Jesus raised for me
    Thank you abba father!!!

  3. Thanks a lot we need more devotional songs and speeches please it is the need of the hour …….especially speeches.

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